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The Lincoln Park Public Library has a copier available to the public. The cost is .10¢ copy for black and white and .30¢ for color.


To send a fax at the library, ask the Circulation staff. The library charges $1.00 per page to send or receive domestic faxes.


The Lincoln Park Public Library has 4 desktop computers available for public use whenever the library is open. We also have laptops and 2-in-1 tablets that may be checked out. 


A patron may enter a Library Card ID and password to log on using our S.A.M. System. You may extend your time on a computer by asking for an extension at the Circulation Desk. If you are visiting our library, you may ask for a visitor guest pass at the Circulation Desk.


Patrons can print from all public computers. Black and White printouts are .10¢ copy and color print outs are .30¢ copy. Patrons may also email to have a staff member print a document for them. Additionally, patrons can use our wireless printing service to upload documents from their own devices to be printed at the library by a staff member. 

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