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Library After Hours


Have you ever wanted to have a party at the library? The library can be used for up to 4 hours on Friday nights, Saturday evenings, and Sundays after normal operating hours. Fill out our online form to request a party date, time, and package. 

*Requests must be made at least 4 weeks in advance of the event.


Give Me Space- $150 donation 

I just need an available space.


Game Night- $150 donation

I would like to have access to the library's game cabinet for the evening. Please note that games are subject to change based on availability. 


I Don’t Want to Grow Up- $150 donation

Use all of the toys in our children’s area, no matter your age!


Story and Craft - $200 donation

I would like Miss Alix or Miss Sara, whomever is working that day, to read a story of my choosing and do a simple related craft. (up to 20 kids)


Adult Craft Night- $200 donation

I would like Alix or Sara, whomever is working that day, to do a simple adult craft with my group. Depending on the craft, supplies may be provided. (up to 20 people)


Movie Night- $250 donation

I would like to host a movie night at the library. Besides setting up the movie, the library will provide water and popcorn for guests. 


Murder Mystery Night- $300 donation

I would like to host a murder mystery night at the library. The entire library may be utilized for the event. (Please note, we have a few murder mystery games that you are free to choose from, otherwise, if you prefer it to be more of an interactive murder mystery where all the participants are different characters, you are responsible for providing the game set up for your guests.)

Teen Night- Choose Your Own Adventure- $350 donation

You have free range of the library except for the work area. You can play hide and seek in the dark, watch a movie, play an assortment of minute-to-win-it games, use our game cabinet, have a glow in the dark dance party, or suggest other activities. This is for teens ages 12-17 and can be a drop-off event. Guardian phone numbers will need to be provided in case of an emergency for each participant. Limited to 20 people. 


*Please note food and beverages are not provided unless otherwise noted. Alcohol is prohibited under all circumstances. The party space is limited to the programming room only unless otherwise specified. There can be a maximum of 50 people. Hosts will be charged a repair/replacement cost for any damage caused to the building or items in the library. 

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